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Twitter Event: #9898 – an SF Experiment on Twitter

September 27, 2012

Stand-up comedians experiment in night clubs. They try out different things on small audiences, to see how people react to it. They try different things on different nights to hone their act and to see how the audience reacts.

Seems to me that Twitter is a great place for an SF author to do the same thing. One such experiment is going on right now, called #9898.

I’m not going to tell you anything about it. Go read it. It’s being updated daily, and may in the future be updated weekly (we’ll see how the experiment goes).

If you’re reading this long after it was written, check out the tag: #9898.

Here’s my Twitter, check it out: Vision Etc.

Guest Post: How Do Telepaths Have Sex?

March 10, 2011

SF Signal was kind enough to allow me to guest-post. In it, I talk about the impossible relationships of the characters in Secret Thoughts. Here is the guest post: How Do Telepaths Have Sex?

‘Generation E’ now at Midnight East

September 22, 2010

A revealing piece about our current generation: Generation E, the Emoticon Generation, has just been published at Midnight East.

Do you know what your teens are doing? No, you don’t.

Introducing #generationE  #ping #Roj

With a special graphic: Meshuggener Smiley by Refael Chalfine.

Meshuggener Smiley, by Refael Chalfine

‘The Dark Side’ Now in ‘Apexology Horror’ Anthology

August 21, 2010

Apex Books has just come out with an anthology of horror stories (new and old) written by its various authors. It’s available in digital release only. On my part, it features a reprint of the story ‘The Dark Side’.
Read more about it ‘Apexology Horror’ here.

Historical info: ‘The Dark Side’ has appeared in English, Hebrew, and Spanish. This is the second time a story of mine appears in an Apex Books anthology. The last one was ‘The Apex Book of World SF’.

Feauring 'The Dark Side'

Apexology Horror - the Cover

A New Book, ‘Secret Thoughts’, Will Be Published in 2011

May 23, 2010

My new book ‘Secret Thoughts’ will be published by the Apex Book Company in mid-2011. From the Apex blog:

I’m pleased to announce that we have bought SECRET THOUGHTS by Israeli author Guy Hasson. SECRET THOUGHTS is a trio of inter-connected novellas concerning a group of people who have the power to read minds. Each novella extrapolates what it might be like to read the minds of the dead, of an alien, and of an unborn child.

Due to a massive backlog, publication of Guy’s book will not be until mid-2011. We’ve had this on the submission shelf for a while and am happy that Guy was still interested in giving it a go months later.

The observant among you will remember that Guy has a story in The Apex Book of World SF.

Guy Hasson (Hebrew: גיא חסון‎) is an Israeli playwright, film maker and science fiction writer. While he writes plays and scripts mainly in Hebrew, his fiction is almost exclusively written in English. He is a two-time winner of the Israeli Geffen Award: he won it in 2003 for his story “All-of-Me” and in 2005 for his story “The Perfect Girl”. Since 2006 he has focused on production of original films, including the feature-length Heart of Stone. (from Wikipedia)

Magazine Publication – Hebrew: The Phantom Self

March 22, 2010

Dreams in Aspamia #16

‘The Phantom Self’ was published in Dreams in Aspamia #16, translated into Hebrew.

It is the second Levantine Experiments story.

Magazine Publication – Hebrew: The Folly of Freedom

March 22, 2010

Dreams in Aspamia #14

‘The Folly of Freedom’ was published in Dreams in Aspamia #14, translated into Hebrew.

It is the first of two Levantine Experiments stories.

Later on, when Lavie Tidhar chose the story for the Apex Book of World SF, he changed its name to ‘The Levantine Experiments’.

The story is available in English online here.

Online Story: The Levantine Experiments

March 22, 2010

The Levantine Experiments

Can a person feel confined in an infinitely open space?

The Apex Book of World SF has made the story available online for a short while.

Online Article: The Voice of God

March 22, 2010

The Voice of God was published in my column, SF From the Rim, in the World Science Fiction Blog.

It describes the mechanics of writing the comedy behind The Voice of God blog, an experimental online comedy project.

Online Article: Making ‘Heart of Stone’, Part II

March 22, 2010

Making ‘Heart of Stone’, Part II was published in my column, SF From the Rim, in the World Science Fiction Blog.

Heart of Stone‘ is a feature-length, independent, experimental, SF film in Hebrew, which I wrote, directed, shot, and produced.