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Story Design Tips: 5 Articles about World-Building

June 20, 2011

In my weekly column/blog at Gamasutra, Story Design Tips, I’ve just published five articles about world-building.

Article #1: World-Building Needs Closed Doors.

World-building 101. This time: The world you’re building needs doors that will never open.

Article #2: 2 Fallacies in World-Building.

Creating new worlds means there are things you need to avoid doing.

Article #3: The 3 Building-Block Principles of World Design.

The building-blocks every new world needs.

Article #4: Basing World Design on a World That Works.

The real world is your best resource for creating imaginary worlds.

Article #5: New Worlds Need Dust and Rust.

If you’re designing a new world, don’t make the mistake of making it shiny and perfect.

Article: How to Give Really Bad Interviews

June 20, 2011

Hub Magazine published an article of mine, called How to Give Really Bad Interviews. Download the PDF file to read the article. Here’s an excerpt:

So you’re an author and your newest book just came out. It’s time to give interviews to try and sell the book. You want to be proper, respected, serious, inspiring, and to give an air of authority. But why? Why would you want to give a good interview when you can give a truly horrible one? Isn’t it so much more fun?


I didn’t start out as a bad interviewee on purpose. I stumbled onto it. It was destiny, I suppose. And now I’m ready to take it to the next level. I’m ready to turn it into an art. I am here to share my vast and shocking knowledge in giving bad interviews with any potential authors out there who would like to glean a bit of the technique from an old master.


But first thing’s first: Let’s see how it all began. 


Read the rest of the article here.