Online Stories in English

Here is a list of all my stories that can be found for free online. The list will be updated whenever a new story appears.

The Imagination Hospital – Who can possibly die from an overactive imagination?

Generation E: the Emoticon Generation – You think you know everything about today’s teenage computer-savvy generation? You don’t.

Hatchling. A girl brought up alone by her mother in secret. What could go wrong?

The Dark Side. A man obsessed with death. Funny story.

Her Destiny. So you’ve met the perfect woman. It’s destiny, right?

Eternity Wasted. A man with a big ego faced with eternal life. What could go wrong, right?

Living in the Present. Trying to solve the time paradox. What could go wrong?

No Chance. Debate the nature of the universe over a game of poker.

A Star-Studded Sky. Living at the edge of a black hole is not easy.

The Case of the Immoral Monster. Can immoral TV programming make us immoral?

The Levantine Experiments. Freedom is a state of mind.

3 Responses to “Online Stories in English”

  1. The Books ‘Secret Thoughts’ to be Published in January « Guy Hasson's Imagination Says:

    […] Apex has already published two stories of mine in two of its anthologies, The Apex Book of World SF and Apexology Horror. This will be my first book with Apex. Apex Book of World SF Apexology Horror Newcomers: You can find many of my stories online. […]

  2. The Emoticon Generation | Postcards from La-La Land Says:

    […] interested, you can sample four of the stories here, along with more of Hasson’s online […]

  3. Pixel Scroll 10/15/20 The People All Said Sit Down, You’re Rocking The Fabulous Riverboat | File 770 Says:

    […] plays and cinema in Hebrew, mostly.  Two Geffen Awards.  A dozen stories in English available here.  Journal (in English) of his three-actor two-location film The […]

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