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Twitter Event: #9898 – an SF Experiment on Twitter

September 27, 2012

Stand-up comedians experiment in night clubs. They try out different things on small audiences, to see how people react to it. They try different things on different nights to hone their act and to see how the audience reacts.

Seems to me that Twitter is a great place for an SF author to do the same thing. One such experiment is going on right now, called #9898.

I’m not going to tell you anything about it. Go read it. It’s being updated daily, and may in the future be updated weekly (we’ll see how the experiment goes).

If you’re reading this long after it was written, check out the tag: #9898.

Here’s my Twitter, check it out: Vision Etc.

‘The Assassination’ Published in Nova

December 6, 2011

The short story, ‘The Assassination’, has been translated to German and published in Nova. This issue of Nova is a special Middle East issue, feature a story by Lavie Tidhar, Achmed Khammas, and myself, and an interview with all three of us.

The Assassination is about an old man, an old hero, who has built his entire life around a deed done in his youth. But thanks to time technology, he can look back and learn the truth about his deed. In the story, the personality he has built upon his heroic deed in stripped away, step by step, as he slowly finds who he really is and who he always was.


Nova 18

Nova 18



‘Generation E’ Reviewed at SFF Portal

May 1, 2011

Generation E first appeared in Midnight East. Later it was translated to Hebrew and appeared in the anthology Once Upon a Future. Once Upon a Future has been reviewed at the SFF Portal. Here’s an excerpt:

Hasson creates the kind of story that sends you to your favorite search engine to make sure that it is just a work of fiction. Part of this effect derives from the author’s choice to write it like a journalistic column. I liked the tone, the flow and the balance of the work. The father’s half sarcastic, half appreciative voice is convincing, amusing and very readable. The social critique was nicely transmitted—clearly but not too forcefully.

The Short Story ‘Homework’ Now at Story Station

December 8, 2010

The short story ‘Homework‘, now appears online at Story Station, a site with resources for educators and students.

It’s a story that examines what may limit a young boy’s imagination.

The story has also been published in Hebrew.


The Book ‘Secret Thoughts’ to be Published in February

November 24, 2010

My next book, ‘Secret Thoughts’, is due out in Jan. 25, as just announced by the publisher, the Apex Book Company in the U.S.

Apex has already published two stories of mine in two of its anthologies, The Apex Book of World SF and Apexology Horror. This will be my first book with Apex.

Newcomers: You can find many of my stories online.
Apex Book of World SF

Apex Book of World SF

Apexology Horror

Apexology Horror

‘Women’ online at Antipodean SF for a Limited Time

November 9, 2010

The short-short story, ‘Women‘, is now online at the Ausralian Antipodean SF for a few weeks.

There is something wrong with women, you see. A scientist discovers the cause.

The story has been previously published in Hebrew and is available online at ‘Don’t Panic’.

The Story ‘Generation E’ Used in Academic Studies

October 21, 2010

My recent short story, ‘Generation E: the Emoticon Generation‘, was used in an academic class that goes under the title ‘Language Studies in the Digital World’. #Ping!

Meshuggener Smiley, by Refael Chalfine

‘The Imagination Hospital’ published by the Jerusalem Post

October 19, 2010

The short story, ‘The Imagination Hospital‘, has been published in the Jerusalem Post’s magazine. Also available online.

The tagline: “Who can possibly die from an overactive imagination?”

Who can possibly die from an overactive imagination?

If only we had imagination hospitals...

‘Generation E’ Now in ‘Once Upon a Future 2010’

September 26, 2010

The short story, ‘Generation E: the Emoticon Generation’, is now available in Hebrew in the anthology Once Upon a Future 2010.

‘Generation E’ has been previously published in English by Midnight East. Read ‘Generation E‘ here.

Once Upon a Future 2010

Once Upon a Future 2010

Free Online Stories

September 20, 2010

Welcome, newcomers!

Many people come here seeking online stories. There are three pages (at the top of the page, to your right) with all the online stories now available. These pages are updated whenever new stories appear.

My stories have appeared in six languages. Online they are available in three. Here are the links:

In English:

Hatchling. A girl brought up alone by her mother in secret. What could go wrong?

The Dark Side. A man obsessed with death. Funny story.

Her Destiny. So you’ve met the perfect woman. It’s destiny, right?

Eternity Wasted. A man with a big ego faced with eternal life. What could go wrong, right?

Living in the Present. Trying to solve the time paradox. What could go wrong?

No Chance. Debate the nature of the universe over a game of poker.

The Case of the Immoral Monster. Can immoral TV programming make us immoral?

The Levantine Experiments. Freedom is a state of mind.

In Hebrew:

All-of-Me(TM): Winner of the Israeli Geffen Award for Best Short Story 2003. Does your brain contain everything you would have been?

The Perfect Girl: Winner of the Israeli Geffen Award for Best Short Story 2005. Reading a dead girl’s mind is sure to lead to trouble…

God’s Shadow: Serialized novel. What if past lives really existed? How far back could you explore the past?

Women. Something is seriously wrong with women. There must be some explanation.

CSI: Jehovah. God is dead. Who did it?

In Spanish:

Hatchling. A girl brought up alone by her mother in secret. What could go wrong?

The Dark Side. A man obsessed with death. Funny story.