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Apexology Science Fiction and Fantasy Published

August 22, 2011

Apexology Science Fiction & Fantasy is a collection of short stories by authors who are currently being published by the Apex Book Company and includes a reprint of my short story, The Imagination Hospital. It’s about a small kid with a rich imagination and his close-minded teachers.

Apexology Science Fiction and Fantasy

Another Positive Review for ‘Secret Thoughts’

August 14, 2011

The website Scribbler to Scribe has a review of Secret Thoughts.

From the review:

SECRET THOUGHTS is beautifully crafted with a straight-forward writing style and well-honed plot. Each story exposes a darkness (and beauty) to humanity. The  pacing is slower at points than I would like, and some introspection could have  been cut. But I urge readers to stay the course! SECRET THOUGHTS will entertain  and enlighten you.

Secret Thoughts is available in various formats here.

Story Design Tips: 5 Articles about Dialogue

August 2, 2011

In my weekly column/blog at Gamasutra, Story Design Tips, I’ve published a series of five articles about the art of dialogue.


Article #1: The Art of Dialogue

Dialogue isn’t words. It’s actions. Words are only shadows of the actions.

Article #2: Dialogue as Vectors

Once you know what actions are, you can look at them as vectors: what we do is the result of opposing needs.

Article #3: What To Do With Characters When They Talk?

Dialogue in a visual medium means you need to solve what the characters physically do.

Article #4: How To Save Bad Dialogue

Sometimes bad dialogue can’t be changed. How do you save the scene? Here are a few tips.

Article #5: 10 Dialogue Don’ts

Here are ten often-repeated dialogue mistakes that you want to avoid.


Then there was another article, not about dialogue, but about consistency. Consistency in storytelling is a virtue. But is there a loophole that allows us to be inconsistent? The article wHen iS iT oKay tO bE InconsistenT shows you that loophole.

Consistency in story design is a virtue. But is there a loophole that allows us to be inconsistent?