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‘The Unruly Child’ Now in Greek

August 1, 2010

The Greek SF magazine, ‘Ennea’, has published ‘The Unruly Child’.

It is a story that takes place in a world where children have imagination and the older they grow, the more imagination they lose.  An old man tries to browbeat a child about the secrets of imagination.

‘The Unruly Child’ has also appeared, translated into Hebrew, in ‘Once Upon a Future #1’.

Ennea: The Cover

Ennea: The Cover

'The Unruly Child' in Greek - the first page

'The Unruly Child' in Greek - the first page

Story Sale: ‘The Unruly Child’

April 4, 2010

The short story ‘The Unruly Child’ will be published by the Greek magazine ‘9’, or ‘Ennea’.

The story takes place in a world in which grownups have lost their imagination and only children still possess it, which turns that world’s economy on its head. The story tackles the question: Where does imagination come from?

‘The Unruly Child’ has previously been published in Hebrew in the anthology ‘Once Upon a Future’.