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Published Italian Translation: Her Destiny

March 22, 2010

Nova SF #68

The Italian SF magazine, Nova SF, translated ‘Her Destiny’ into Italian.

‘Her Destiny’ is also available online in English here, at Infinity Plus.

Magazine Publication – Hebrew: Good Fortune

March 22, 2010

Dreams in Aspamia #2

Good Fortune, published in Dreams in Aspamia #2, translated into Hebrew.

Hebrew Online Translation: All-of-Me(TM)

March 22, 2010

All-of-Me(TM) – Hebrew translation

Does your brain contain everything you could have been if you had grown up under completely different circumstances?

Winner of the 2003 Geffen Award for Best Short Story of the Year.

Online Story: Her Destiny

March 22, 2010

Her Destiny

When Tony met the perfect woman, it felt like destiny. But one day he gets a glimpse of what true destiny really is.