My name is Guy Hasson. I’m an author, a playwright, and a filmmaker.

Most recently, two of my books came out at the end of 2012: The Emoticon Generation and Secret Thoughts. Check out The Emoticon Generation blog tour with reviews, interviews, and giveaways.

I’m currently finishing an independent, underground epic sci-fi film, which I wrote and directed, called The Indestructibles. The short film (45 min.) will be released for free on the web. Check for updates in the blog as well as the film journal.

I’m currently serializing my fantasy fairy-tale novel, Tickling Butterflies, on this blog. The book is created out of 128 independent (supposedly) fairy tales that for one epic fairy tale. A new fairy tale is being published every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Tickling Butterflies’ translation into Hebrew will be published in Israel later this year.

Last but not least, I have a new start-up called New Worlds Comics. New Worlds Comics is an independent comic book publisher that only publishes digital comics and will be available initially as an app for the iPad, iPhone, and Android. Our first title will be released in July, 2013, and is a laugh-out-loud comedy called Goof.

Enjoy the unknown.

Contact me here.

2 Responses to “About”

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